HTS-2 Hydraulics Training Simulator

HTS-2 Hydraulics Training Simulator
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Product Description

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Eaton’s Training Services newly redesigned Hydraulic Training System (HTS-2) hydraulic trainer is based on many years of instructional experience and our previous, highly acclaimed designs. This fluid power training simulator is designed to ensure that those involved with the study of hydraulics have the most cost effective, hands-on method of presenting a practical demonstration of the principles taught within the classroom. The HTS-2 unit has been designed, built and is exclusively available through Eaton’s Hydraulics Group Training Services department with a 1 year limited warranty.

The HTS-2 is a dual operator station simulator with a central power unit that supplies one or both sides to accommodate up to 4 students at a time. The power unit is capable of supplying a total flow of 3 gpm at 500 psi and will operate on a standard 120VAC 15 amp lighting circuit.

The components mounted on each panel are representative of those found in today’s hydraulic applications and allow the students to visually reinforce the learning concepts. Each HTS-2 comes with a detailed instructor guide that explains the exercises, provides a pictorial guide to ensure proper assembly and a video demonstrating the proper performance of each exercise

Components can be easily connected together through flexible hoses and leak-free quick disconnects to configure many variations of basic hydraulic circuits which reinforce the theory and principles of operation taught in class. Each operator station panel is equipped with the following hydraulic components:

  • Directional Control Valve – Lever Operated, 4-way, Three Position, Tandem Center
  • Sequence Valve
  • Pressure Reducing/Relieving Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Pressure Compensated Flow Control valve
  • Counterbalance Valve
  • Normally Open 2-Position Solenoid Valve
  • Two cylinders – one with adjustable proximity switch and one with a resistive load spring
  • Fixed Volume Vickers V10 Vane Pump
  • Pressure Gages
  • 2 Plumbing Tees

Using the HTS-2, students will become familiar with the principles of Aeration and Cavitation, sequencing circuits, operation of components in series and parallel, flow control characteristics and types of applications, hydraulically counterbalancing an actuator and many other fundamental concepts.